J.W. James African Methodist Episcopal Church

Welcome to J.W. James African Methodist Episcopal Church!  We are located in Maywood, Illinois on the corner of 6th Avenue and Madison.  Our congregation is made up of people from all walks of life with one thing in common:  the deep desire to know God more and to live a life that gives Him glory.  J.W. James is a place where you can fellowship with others, experience the power and presence of God in worship and praise while being equipped by practical, life-giving teaching from the Word of God.  We look forward to seeing you at one of our weekly services.  J.W. James is one of many churches that come under the auspices of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.  World-wide, there are thousands of A.M.E. churches on 6 continents!  Being a member of an A.M.E. Church is similar to being part of a large family; you are not only linked in with your local church, but the world-wide church as well.  The African Methodist Episcopal Church was the first black church organized and founded on American soil in 1787 and has continued to grow and flourish into a network of churches, a publising house and countless faith-based organizations and Historically Black Colleges and Universities!

Bible Study

Pastors Message

Love for others is to be a hallmark trait of Christians. At JW.James AMC we hope to teach from God's Word how to love and then to actually live it out by his strength. Here are just a few of the ways in which we look to love those in our lives:
Nursing Home Ministry
Disaster Relief Assistance
Rescue Mission Services
City Beautification Projects
Addiction Recovery Resources
Helps Ministry
Widows and Orphans Care
Adoption Assitance
Children's Hospital Service Programs
In-home Care
Pantry-Stuffing Patrol



One of the main instructions given to the leaders of the church was to be able to teach. Leaders are also commanded to equip the saints so that they can also carry out the work of the minsitry, and this exactly what our skilled teachers desire to do. 

Coming to our services should be a time of worship and fellowship, but also of mental strengthening. Sermons are understandable but yet stimulating to the mind with respect to accurate doctrine and implication.


The Great Commission of Matthew 28 tells us that we must be going into all the world, making disciples of persons in all nations. At Brookfield, we aim to take that seriously by using whatever means we have to promote worldwide missions. 

We currently support 34 missionaries in over 20 foreign countries, and we typically send 2 different short-term teams as support every year. If you have any interest in serving on one of these teams or have questions about missions and your life, please see one of our pastors for assistance.



Children's Church

A component of JW.James AMC. Children’s Church serves children ages 2 through 12 during the 11:00 am  worship services . This ministry provides spiritual guidance using the Bible to help children build a lifelong relationship with God. Anyone who loves children is encouraged to volunteer as a teacher. Parents who use the ministry should give back by serving in the teacher-assistant rotation.

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